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Eline Mollet is a Belgium based animator and illustrator 

who is currently living in Ghent.

Eline studied Visual Design - Studio Still (Storyboarding & Illustration) at the LUCA School of Arts in Ghent. As of now she's doing freelance work and learning more about 3D and motion graphics.

Recent animation Clients

Club Brugge - 'Maak kennis met De Boer' video [with Volstok]

Animation team

Mutant/VRT - 'Week van de Belgische Muziek' video [with Volstok]

Assistant animator

Trias - 'Tournee Inspiree' promo video [with Heren Loebas]

All animation and compositing

Hazazah - 'The Cloudmaker' movie [with Volstok]

Assistant animator 

Watch more work here

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